Emergency-Contact Email 

Sometimes a server may stop responding, or your site becomes inaccessible for a few reasons, such as server being hacked, server being stuck by a broken customer script, or server software failure, etc., and rebooting the server can solve this kind of problems most of the time.

To bring server back to normal ASAP and shorten the downtime of your website,  we have setup Whatsup system to monitor all of our servers closely and effectively.  The system calls servers every 60 seconds and sends a notice, via both email and cell phone,  with server IP and possible problem to both 2globalmart.com and its data center whenever an error is detected.  So we'll be able to reboot the server, if necessary, or fix the problem in a timely manner.

But sometimes, Whatsup system may stop working as well, or the signal it sends out may be delayed by the phone company.  So should you find out that your domain has not been accessible for a certain time, say 5 minutes, while other websites you visit are accessible, please contact us ASAP.  You simply report the problem by sending an email to: 6264370717 at mobile.att.net with the server IP and a short message.  

You may like to mark down this email address now in case when it's not available.

Please note, this email address is for emergency reporting purpose only.  All other messages sent to it will be ignored, and please use the Support Center in your control panel for other issues.

Thanks for using our hosting service.

Support Team